Bad for story highlight

Bad for tale to highlight ‘reasons’ the unvaccinated give

Bad for tale to highlight ‘reasons’ the unvaccinated give. It’s appalling sufficient that tens of thousands and thousands of Americans are willfully assisting to unfold a lethal virus, believing that their “freedom” incorporates no obligations for the welfare of society.

But that the Star-Ledger could expand their uninformed, reality-denying voices (“Unvaccinated in N.J.: A large dose of skepticism,” which seemed in print on 8/27), assisting them unfold lies which have been again and again disproven, with the object now no longer difficult a phrase they’re saying, makes the paper shamefully complicit.

On the declare that COVID-19 vaccines haven’t been used on a huge scale: Over five billion doses had been administered worldwide.

Show me there’s a decidedly larger unfold with out the vaccine, declared any other of these interviewed. Would you care to have a take a observe the mountain of clinical facts proving precisely that? Do you understand why you by no means shrunk polio or smallpox?

Teenager doesn’t need his grandparents to get COVID? Then he need to get the vaccine to lessen the possibilities that they will.

There aren’t anyt any extra aspects to this difficulty than there are to the declaration that Tuesday is the day after Monday. Don’t body getting vaccinated as a topic that’s open to debate.

David Sheridan, Fanwood

Ask N.J. delegation to searching for Afghanistan solutions

Regarding the thirteen U.S. army provider individuals who have been killed outdoor Kabul airport in a terrorist assault in Afghanistan:

The letter under is customized from one I mailed to every New Jersey U.S. senator and member of Congress. I typically write best to my very own congressman, Rep. Chris Smith, R-4th Dist., however in this situation I directed my questions and feedback to all ofour New Jersey legislators in Washington.

“Looking ahead from today, Aug. 26, 2021: What motion do you and the Senate and the House of Representatives plan to take concerning our state of affairs in Afghanistan?

“Today our Marines and a Navy Medic had been blown apart, and we’ve a president with a team of workers of advisers who do now no longer recognise what to do — besides accede to the Taliban’s request to go away Afghanistan through Tuesday, Aug. 31.

“Will you reveal satisfaction and braveness and be robust sufficient to unite together along with your Senate and House colleagues to face collectively on this modern-day second to save you our u . s . from in addition disgracing itself now and the close to future?”

I am ashamed of and bewildered through the current movements through our government. It is hoped, at least, that New Jersey representatives will unite and recollect what’s nice for america of America.

Frank McGorry, Ocean Township

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Shame of the metropolis?

Regarding the current article approximately Newark City Council President Mildred Crump resigning closing week and right now being changed in her council seat through her son — with out a unique election planned — am I lacking something?

If a New Jersey statute authorizes a unique election to transpire q4 for the reason that resignation took place earlier than Sept. 1, however the Newark metropolis clerk sheepishly claims, “… we don’t have the time to run the whole procedure for a municipal election,” are residents predicted to comply with his doubtful proclamation with out objection?

And, whilst the Essex County clerk does now no longer right now reply to the Star-Ledger’s request for remark approximately an seemingly clean statute violation, are we imagined to simply be given this act of nepotism as widespread running method in Newark and Essex County?

I echo the feelings of the Newark resident quoted withinside the article asking, “Where’s the democracy at?” and urge the Star-Ledger and region residents to comply with up in this tale till metropolis and county officers offer great solutions to their jaded constituents.

Charlie Peters, West Caldwell

Coordinate timing of debate, ballots

It is incumbent upon Gov. Phil Murphy to time table an early debate with challenger Jack Ciatterelli to take location earlier than the mail-in ballots for the Nov. 2 election are despatched out.

I had been balloting considering the fact that 1960, and in all that point I actually have by no means encountered any lengthy traces on the balloting centers.

Does absolutely everyone virtually trust that elevated use of mail-in ballots is designed to slash the unfold of COVID-19, whilst the Murphy permits huge gatherings at diverse venues to take location, albeit with necessities for masks.

Make no mistake, the mail-in ballot, for the maximum part, is to get extra votes, simple and simple.

Helga Cummins, East Hanover

Editor’s note: Distribution of mail-in ballots is ready to start Sept. 18, even though they want now no longer be again earlier than Nov. 2. The legit gubernatorial debates are slated for Sept. 28 and Oct. 12.

Parcel takes incorrect flip at Teterboro

I study with hobby the object, “New device at busy N.J. put up workplace hub gets programs out faster,” approximately a brand new robot sorting device on the Northern New Jersey Metro Processing and Distribution Center in Teterboro.

I discover it thrilling that my first package deal despatched thru this facility to me reached Teterboro on Aug. five, so I expect it went thru the brand new device. This is the primary time a U.S. Postal Service parcel with a monitoring range that turned into despatched to me turned into now no longer received. My mailing deal with is Flanders 07836, and the parcel turned into despatched to Sparta 07871, by no means to be heard from again. If that is an instance of the way the brand new sorting device works, I could say, deliver lower back the antique way.

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