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Lowe’s, Kohl’s requiring employees to wear masks again

Lowe’s, Kohl’s requiring employees to wear masks again. There are 40 Lowe’s store locations in New Jersey. As COVID-19 cases rise nationwide due to the Delta variant, many retailers are reimplementing mask mandates. Lowe’s and Kohl’s have announced they again will require both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees to wear face masks inside stores, following updated masking guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Kohl’s only will require employees in substantial and high-risk areas to mask up. In New Jersey, 20 of 21 counties fall in those categories.

Lowe’s will require all employees to wear masks in all locations, as well as when making house-calls.

Both stores say they strongly encourage guests to wear masks, but will not mandate it.

Several notable companies have reinstated some version of a mask mandate, whether for employees or customers, including Home Depot, McDonald’s and Target.

There are 40 Lowe’s locations and 38 Kohl’s stores in New Jersey.

Summer: the perfect time for soaking up the sun’s rays, hiking in a forest or camping with some friends – until a tick bites or you hear an animal lurking about. It’s all fun and games, until you confront something that can kill you. While there isn’t much Jerseyans are scared of, here’s 11 things to avoid when frolicking outdoors this summer.

Where to buy COVID vaccination card holders with NYC requiring proof for indoor settings

COVID-19 vaccination cards are en route to becoming one of the most important forms of documentation you own.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that New York City will soon require proof of vaccination for indoor dining, theaters and gyms to help increase the rate of vaccinations.

New York City will be the first in the U.S. to have a vaccine mandate for select indoor settings. The mandate is set to begin Aug. 16.

If you commute to New York for work or visit often, having a hard copy of your vaccination card on hand is crucial. There’s an app called Excelsior Pass where you can store a digital version of your vaccination card, but it’s only valid for those who’ve received the vaccine in New York.

To help avoid misplacing or losing your proof of COVID-19 vaccination, here is a list of vaccination card holders you can buy online right now from retailers like Amazon, Coach and Vera Bradley:

Amazon: Vaccine Card Protector (5-Pack) for $5
Amazon: Vaccination Card Protector (10-Count) for $10
Amazon: PU Leather Vaccine Card and Passport Holder for $6.67
Amazon: Colorful Vaccination Card Protector with Lanyard (2-Pack) for $8
Amazon: Clear Leather Badge Holder for $8
Amazon: CDC PU Leather Vaccine Card Holder (6-Pack) for $15
Coach: Mini Skinny ID Case In Signature Canvas for $31.20
Coach: Zip Card Case In Signature Canvas for $39.20
Vera Bradley: Zip ID Case for $15
Vera Bradley: Zip ID Case and Lanyard for $40


Where to buy N95, KN95 masks for traveling and to protect against Delta variant

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Where to buy N95 masks as Delta variant of COVID surges

The Delta variant has become the dominant strain of COVID, now accounting for more than 80% of all cases in the U.S., mostly among the unvaccinated population.

It has prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reverse course and change its mask guidance.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced this week the agency recommends people in areas with “high” or “substantial” COVID-19 transmission should resume wearing masks indoors. Nearly two-thirds of counties in the U.S. have high or substantial transmission, according to CDC data.

Some experts recommend upgrading to N95 masks to help protect against the Delta variant.

“Delta is so contagious that when we talk about masks … I think we should be talking about high-quality masks,” Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the Food and Drug Administration, said recently.

Duke University published a study last year that says the three most effective types of face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are N95, three-layer disposable and cotton.

Below is a roundup of where you can buy N95 masks online if you decide you want to upgrade.

Several reputable merchants specialize in NIOSH-certified N95 mask sales with reasonably fast shipping, notably companies like N95 Medical Supplies, N95MaskCo and Well Before.

Where to buy N95 face masks in bulk online:

N95 NIOSH Masks Soft Shell, 20-Pack for $60
N95 NIOSH Masks Hard Cup Shell, 25-Pack for $65
N95 NIOSH Masks Hard Cup Shell in Small Adult Size, 25-Pack for $70
N95 NIOSH Masks Harley Hard Shell, 20-Pack for $60 or Soft Shell, 20-Pack for $60
N95 NIOSH Foldable Mask, 40 Pack for $149
N95 NIOSH Foldable Mask, 80 Pack for $279

Where to buy single N95 face masks online:

N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask for $2.25
N95 NIOSH Surgical Mask for $2.49
N95 3M NISOH Respirator Mask for $3


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