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Lionel Messi ready to accept a £250,000/week Barcelona contract

Lionel Messi ready to accept a £250,000/week Barcelona contract. Barcelona are yet to confirm the renewal of Lionel Messi, but Sport suggests that the Argentine is now returning to accept a 5-year contract with a 50% pay-cut in order to meet the La Liga wage cap.

One of President Joan Laporta‘s main priorities after being reappointed was to make sure the Argentine continues at the club. Despite only winning the Copa del Rey last season, the integration of multiple youngsters like Pedri and Ansu Fati has brought life back into a dishearted Messi who wanted to leave under the leadership of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner has been a free agent ever since his contract expired in June, making it the first time in his senior career where he isn’t a Barca player. Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City were both keen on securing Messi on a free transfer but the Argentine’s loyalty remains with the Catalan giants.

Not only that, but the Copa America winner is ready to accept a staggering 50% wage cut in order to help the club with their financial crisis and also wants to return to the Nou Camp after retirement. Messi’s previously leaked contract had him earning 500k pounds a week but his renewal will only be 250k.

This shows that it was never about the money he was making at Barca but the fact that that he truly loves the Club and everything he has experienced along with it since the very start. He is truly one of the greatest to ever wear the Blaugrana colors and could potentially be regarded as the greatest footballer after he goes on to win his seventh Ballon d’Or for his performance last season.

Are you excited to watch more of Lionel Messi next season?

Barcelona want to keep Antoine Griezmann and Philippe Coutinho

Reports from all around the world indicated the sure exit of two talents from Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann, and Philippe Coutinho however, new reports suggest that, that will not be the case and Barca will keep the two players. This is new for everyone, as the two players were the most expensive signings by Barca, and they needed to let go of their top earners. With both of them failing to live up to expectations, surely the Catalans would let them go but apparently not, as they are now planning to keep them unless some irresistible offer comes in.

According to reports from Mundo Deportivo, the Catalans are willing to keep the players after changing their minds on their transfer status. A week ago, Griezmann was linked with Atletico, and Coutinho was linked with Liverpool. Both the players were supposed to go back to their former clubs however, now the tides have changed and Barca wants to keep both of them. This could be due to the lack of reasonable offers coming in for both of them.
Barcelona make a complete U-turn in terms of Griezmann and Coutinho

Barcelona are apparently not completely against selling the players however, they will only accept an irrefutable offer. The offer for a swap deal with Saul Niguez was not enough for the Catalans, and there have been no official offers for the Brazilian as of now. This plan of keeping both the players may become very costly later on as the club will have to keep on paying for two of their most expensive players on their payroll.

However, it could be very good news for Ronald Koeman as he used Griezmann regularly last season, and could have a role for him in the next season as well. In the case of Coutinho, Koeman used him regularly at the start of the season, and the Brazilian performed quite well. However, he suffered yet another injury that ruled him out for the majority of the season, and Koeman is hoping that the midfielder can come back fit for the next season, as he will be in Koeman’s plans.

Should Barca sell or keep Griezmann and Coutinho?

Leo Messi returned to Barcelona this morning, accompanied by his family. However, this will only be a flying visit before the next stage of their holiday. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the Argentina captain. He normally spends a few days with his family (parents, siblings, wife and children) in the Caribbean – in this case, they have been in Miami – before spending a few days in Europe, often somewhere on the Mediterranean.

After swinging by their home in Castelldefels, the Messi family will likely head off later today for the last few days of their holiday.

Contrary to reports, Messi will not train with Barcelona before he has penned a new deal. His first contact with club officials will be to sign his new contract. As SPORT reported last Sunday, Messi is likely to extend his stay with Barça in early August, with Monday 02/08 looking to be the all-important date.

After signing his contract, Leo will undergo the corresponding medical and physical assessments before he can return to training. At first, he will only be training with Kun Agüero and Emerson, as the rest of the first team squad will be in Germany on the pre-season camp.

Joan Laporta has made some drastic changes already and now he is planning on bolstering Barcelona for the next season. With the transfer season upon us, not many would have thought that Barca would be one of the clubs with the most amount of additions to their squad however, Laporta has once again proven that he is a mastermind with a shrewd business tactic.

Instead of going for top-quality players who will cost the clubs millions in transfer fees and wages, Laporta has decided that the club should take a gamble at the free agents market. Eric Garcia, Memphis Depay, and Sergio Aguero, all have been brought to the Catalan side on free transfers and these are some top-performing players who have the potential to do very well for the club.

While the likes of Depay and Garcia were already very closely linked with the Catalans prior to Laporta’s presidency, it was Laporta who at the end of the day completed the deals. The president still has quite a few plans for the season and Barcelona’s transfer season may be far from over. Players such as Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe may be unrealistic, however, they continue to be linked to the club.

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